The Institute

Indraprastha College was established 6 Feb 2003. The Institute has produced very good results in the last 10 years and has made its presence felt not only in Meerut, but throughout North  India. Needless to say this all could be possible only due to blessing of God Proper planning at the institute, proper implementation of the planning taking timely feedback from the students regarding their level of satisfaction at the institute and follow up action to plug the shortcomings pointed out by the students from time to time. Now the institute is approved for conducting full time one year course of Bachelor of Education (B.ED.) by the C.C.S. University, Meerut and National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE). Institute is situated in posh area of Meerut.The surroundings of the institute are ideal for  academic per suit.  Meerut is a part of national capital region being only  65 kms from Delhi. Indraprastha College has developed its own culture characterized by its simplicity, versality, humanistic approach, peaceful interpersonal relationship. Institute has a highly qualified full time  faculty working in close cooperation with the student to give them a strong base in theoretical, practical and experimental learning.


We strive to blow our students with persisting concerns in teacher education for the enhancement of its impact potential, scholastic attitude, sprite of scientific temper, personal and professional integrity, passion for the service of the mankind through conducive academic environment for achieving sustained. Excellence since teacher education is a continuous process and its preservice and in-service components are inseparable.


The endeavourer of our founder is to each individual the knowledge, interests, ideals, habits and power where by be will find his place to shape both himself and society towards noble ends and build up the nation as might nation. Mighty not in the ordinary sense of the word but mighty in thought, mighty in action, mighty in culture and mighty in it's peaceful service of humanity. 

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